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Member Benefits:

Build your business.  We are the voice of the Vista and together we can be your voice as well.  We meet monthly with our members and others interested in finding out more about the happenings of the Vista.  We are hosts to three major Columbia Events with a combined attendance of over 12,000 people.  As a member you get to be a part of these events and build your business. 

Networking.  Its not what you know, its who you know.  Become a member and participation many of networking opportunities.  As a member you will also have access to our membership list. 

Together we stand strong:  The Congaree Vista Guild has numerous tools to help you grow professionally.  Knowledge is powerful and we know all there is to know about the Vista.  We attend city meetings and report back to you, we are your eyes and ears to everything the Vista.   From simple problems such as trash, to larger issues such as streetscaping, together we can make the Vista the very best it can be.

We promote you.  Each year our number one goal is to promote the Vista.  This means our marketing dollars are working for you as well.  We promote one of our members in each of our print ads, encourage people to visit the Vista and use our very interactive site to highlight your business.  

Special member offerings:  From discount health insurance to seminars and business-building networking, the Congaree Vista Guild can help you grow.

In the news:  Our hard working public relations and marking team have your business on their mind.  They are continuously brainstorming unique ways to highlight your business.  From social media to traditional advertising, our members benefit from access to top-notch professionals.  Additionally, our monthly newsletter helps keep members informed.  

Membership levels:

  • $100 Resident (family)
  • $50 Individual 
  • $250 Business 
  • $500 Sponsor/Corporate 

For more information, contact Sarah Luadzers at 803-269-5946 or by email.

Thank you for supporting the Congaree Vista Guild.