Odometer Collection Encore Exhibition

Friday, September 22, 2017


Join Karl L. Larsen for an short encore exhibition of his latest collection and a few new works. He’ll be present discuss the process of creating the collection and the stories behind the work. His studio will be open as well.

*Karl L. Larsen’s newest series of artworks, The Odometer Collection, is derived from a 75-day, 14,000-mile road trip across North America. Inspired in part by the organized spectacle of cities like Austin, Ciudad Juárez, Victoria and Vancouver, this work is also a very personal examination of the empty spaces in between. Though Larsen documented his journey with photos and video, he painted from memory, conveying his impressions of vastly different landscapes, waterscapes and skies to canvas. The Odometer Collection is Larsen’s remembrance – a reconstruction – of poignant moments of peaceful solitude and self-exploration among the geological and man-made wonders across North America.*

The exhibition runs from September 18 through October 2 at Vista Studios/Gallery 80808. The reception is Friday, September 22, from 5-9 p.m.