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Congaree Vista Guild Announces New Board of Directors

July 27, 2020

The Congaree Vista Guild has welcomed a new board of directors who will serve the organization for a three-year term.  


Over the last year the Congaree Vista Guild board has been working to be more inclusive and give Vista member businesses the opportunity to be heard. This historic change to our bylaws has brought businesses in the neighborhood the opportunity to nominate and vote for members of the Vista Guild board. 


"I am proud of what this board has done to infuse more democracy into our future,” said long-serving board member Hal Stevenson. “I especially thank our outgoing president Merritt McNeely for her leadership.” 


Out of the 12-person business board, 6 seats were nominated on from the previous 2019-2020 board and 6 were nominated and voted on by the membership of the Congaree Vista Guild. All of these board members will serve a 3-year term which began on July 1, 2020. 


The Congaree Vista Guild business board members include: Todd Avant, Avant Holdings, LLC; Rosie Craig, R. MacFarlane Craig Real Estate; Timothy Doe, No Grease Barbershop; Clark Ellefson, Lewis + Clark; David Erbacher, Hyatt Place Vista; Beth Frost, Cohn Construction Services; Jared Glover, Publix; Guy Jones, River Runner Outdoor Center; Dale Marshall, Architrave; Hal Stevenson, Grace Outdoor; Cheryl Swanson, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center; and Chip Wade, Koger Center for the Arts. In addition, Fred Delk of Columbia Development Corporation serves as ex-officio board member and Bart Walrath serves on behalf of the Vista Neighborhood Association. 


“I am excited for the leadership that we are bringing to our board from both newcomers and those returning,” said executive director Abby Naas. “We have a great variety of backgrounds and experience which will help continue the growth and vibrance that is the Vista.” 


For more information about the Congaree Vista Guild, visit or call (803) 269-5946. Follow the Vista Guild on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @VistaColumbiaSC.