Clean and Safe Program

The Congaree Vista Guild introduces you to our Clean and Safe Team. They are the feet on the street and the eyes and ears of the Vista. They provide clean, safe and hospitality services for businesses, residents and visitors and are 100% City of Columbia Hospitality Tax funded.


Many of you have seen them at our events such as Vista Lights or Artista Vista; or maybe just on a night out on the town or a quick lunch run. They work morning to night to upkeep the appearance of the Vista. Their daily tasks include: clean up litter, blow leaves, power wash, spray weeds and do anything they can to keep the attractiveness of the Vista. The rest of day they are there to patrol and to help visitors with directions, advice, restaurant suggestions and any other questions or concerns.


The Clean and Safe Team work hard every day and continue to come up with numerous ideas to help pedestrian safety, find proper services for our city’s homeless population when possible and ways to improve the Vista. Operations manager, Bobby Gillespie says, “I love what I do, and I enjoy who I work for and who I work with. I have a lot of pride for the cleanliness and appearance of the Vista”.


For any questions or Clean and Safe needs, please reach out to Bobby at (803) 609-1660 or