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Congaree Vista Guild Announces New Board Members

June 20, 2023

The Congaree Vista Guild has announced the election of new board members for 2023-2026. The organization has a 13-member board, six of whom are selected by the current board members, six are elected by the membership of the Vista Guild and one seat is for the president of the Vista Neighborhood Association.

Newly elected board members are:

  • Ariel Brady- Motor Supply Co. Bistro
  • David Erbacher- Hyatt Place Vista
  • Cheryl Swanson- Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
  • Chip Wade- Koger Center for the Arts

This group is joining current board members:

  • Rosie Craig- R. MacFarlane Craig Real Estate
  • Clark Ellefson- Lewis + Clark
  • Beth Frost- Cohn Construction
  • Annie Linn Johnson- LS3P
  • Guy Jones- River Runner Outdoor Center
  • Joseph Kendrick- Columbia Music Festival Association
  • Dale Marshall- Architrave
  • Hal Stevenson- GRACE Outdoor
  • Carolyn Leedecker- Vista Neighborhood Association