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Congaree Vista Guild Installs New Sculpture

February 14, 2022

The Congaree Vista Guild has announced the installation of Motherhood, a new sculpture by Nora Valdez, on the corner of Lady and Gadsden Streets in the heart of the Congaree Vista. The project was facilitated by One Columbia for Arts and Culture.


The sculpture, carved from Indiana limestone, represents all mothers – working mothers, immigrant mothers, single mothers – and their strength in holding families together while staying firmly rooted in their determination. Sculptor Nora Valdez is an international award-winning artist originally from Argentina, but currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts.


“My sculptures of people do not have facial features,” said Valdez. “Going beyond suggesting any specific face as a representation of beauty (or measure of value) for women, my work challenges the viewer to see the faceless woman as every woman. Woman as an archetype. Woman as a force. The concept of woman as mother is one that everyone can connect to. The ideal of mother as love and nurture and protection is universal, especially in the face of challenge.”


A dedication event will be hosted as part of the Congaree Vista Guild’s 30th annual Artista Vista, which takes place April 22-24, 2022.