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Congaree Vista Guild Invites You to Be a Firefly

May 19, 2021

The Congaree Vista Guild invites you to be a Firefly in The Vista. In partnership with Congaree National Park, the Vista Guild invites patrons to celebrate the annual synchronous fireflies on May 28 and 29.


“We are excited to partner with a local treasure: Congaree National Park. The work the park does to bring such a wonderful asset to our community is unmatched,” said Vista Guild executive director, Abby Anderson. “With the lottery to see the fireflies this year in place, we wanted to create a way that more members of our community could still get together to celebrate these creatures.”


Every year the fireflies at Congaree National Park synchronize their glow for a few weeks in the spring. These species of fireflies, Photuris frontalis, are one of only three North American fireflies that behave in such a way. For 2021, Congaree National Park announced that a lottery would be in place due to COVID-19 concerns.


”Over the years, viewing the fireflies at Congaree has become a very popular experience, not only for Columbia-area residents, but visitors from all over the country – so popular, in fact, that a lottery system became our best bet for ensuring a safe event and for protecting the fireflies habitat. Even though not everyone will be present in the park to see them this year, we are glad the “Fireflies Experience” is expanding to the Vista. It is a wonderful way to celebrate one of the very special things about our community,” said park Superintendent, K. Lynn Berry.


Personal flashing lights can be picked up a various Vista businesses during the week of May 24. The community is encouraged to bring these back to The Vista on the evenings of May 28 and 29 to celebrate the fireflies at Congaree National Park.

Participating Vista businesses with lights to pick-up are:

Participating Vista businesses with available lights are:

  • Columbia, SC Visitors Center (1010 Lincoln Street)
  • Gervais & Vine (620 Gervais Street)
  • Kao Thai Cuisine (1001 Senate Street)
  • Lewis + Clark (1001 Huger Street)
  • No Grease Barbershop (929 Gervais Street, Suite B)
  • Rita's (800 Lady Street)
  • River Runner Outdoor Center (905 Gervais Street)
  • Southern Custom Doors and Hardware (1237 Gadsden Street)
  • Studio Cellar (912 Lady Street)

For more information about the Congaree Vista Guild, visit or call (803) 269-5946. Follow the Vista Guild on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @VistaColumbiaSC.


For more information about Congaree National Park, go to