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Statement from the Congaree Vista Guild

May 31, 2020

The Congaree Vista district is a place that was built for people to come together. Its businesses, property owners and residents all take pride in serving the community as a top destination for entertainment and culture. 


Our local retailers, service establishments and restaurants have been struggling through the pandemic and are working to reestablish themselves again as our city opens up to guests and locals. Their goal, as is the goal of the Congaree Vista Guild, is to get back to a place where all people can gather for safe fellowship in an authentic revitalized urban district.  


We respect the rights of people to peacefully protest injustice and inequality but we are hurt by behavior that damages the years of hard work that our local property and business owners have invested in making the Vista Columbia’s signature arts and entertainment district. 


We want to thank the Columbia Police Department for their efforts to make the Vista a safe place for all to visit.